Windrose brings modular and price disruptive natural navigation for past and future generations of autonomous systems. After installing Windrose, you will be able to control your drives, start navigating manually and autonomously using sensors suitable for your application and environment.

Easy integration

Windrose integration on the first vehicle is done in weeks when the product is not yet in our portfolio. If it is, we can directly jump to using licenses and deployment, reducing even more the timeline.

This includes hardware and software. We ensure the vehicle can drive manually and autonomously.


Active Safety

We know safety standards, that it matters and is complex. We handle it for you.

Thanks to our deep understanding of mobile vehicles, Windrose handles automating braking and crash avoidance maneuvers. It takes necessary actions to prevent incidents to happen.

Robust localization

Windrose localization performs at high performance indoor and outdoor on different setups.

It has been used for different use cases, each using different sensors: lawnmowers, AGVs, forklifts and others are on the way.

We are open to new types of vehicles!

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Dynamic path planning

Dynamic path planning avoids both static and moving obstacles, it determines not only an optimal path, but also the appropriate acceleration and speed for a vehicle.

This is essential for example to handle unexpected objects in the area

Intuitive Web UI

Windrose shouldn’t be for experts only and making a modification shouldn’t require coding, a deep understanding of robotics science and a long manual deployment.

Our simple interface allows you to understand and modify the fleets behavior in a matter of clicks.


Many sensors supported

Different applications and environments require different sensors.

We worked with odometry, IMU, 2D and RGBD camera, GNSS and more. Support for new sensors can be anticipated on your request (e.g fiducial markers)