Windrose Box

Our vision

The process of finding the embedded board, CPU, ways to connect all required peripherals, configure and integrate them one by one takes too much time and costs too much at the moment. This process needs to be repeated at each new project.


We solved this problem with our Windrose Box and software, we envision that OEMs and system integrators can connect to it, connect their sensors, use our api and start their development right away.


Being modular is also what makes us different. Windrose is not a closed product. You can use any of its functionalities without depending on it. You will still be able to use your own tools with Windrose. You may only need motor control, data acquisition, localization, navigation, our Web UI and/or our monitoring tools.


This way, you can focus your development on your applications while keeping your engineers assets.

Brisa’s customization service

Brisa’s services include customization of the size, embedded system architecture (ARM or x64), communication ports (for example number of ethernet, Canbus), number of drives included (naked drives are also possible) and safety.


Some components can also added on demand, e.g NVRAM