About us

OEMs focus on their product. System Integrators focus on its solutions. We focus on the clients' needs to make it happen
Thiago de Freitas

At Brisa Robótica we work with global leaders of the robotics and logistics Industry to push further the boundaries for smarter interaction between robots, autonomous systems, humans and the environment. 

We are enablers of plug-and-play  spatial awareness and cognitive capabilities  addition to robotic and autonomous systems. For future product generations and retro-fit.

At Brisa we enjoy being flexible, modular, HW, sensor and application agnostic at everything we do. 

Our Windrose product and solutions mean exactly that for Localization, Navigation, Behaviour, Mission Control, Fleet Management, Cloud Tuning and Learning. 

Every day at Brisa we are being challenged together with our partners and clients in multiple domains: Industrial AGVs, delivery robots, autonomous service robots, warehouse and airport logistics, etc. 

Applying very different sensor setups, indifferently of being industrial-grade or low-fidelity: Wheel Odometry, IMUs, RGB and/or RGBD cameras, RTK GPS, Fiducial Markers, Sonars, Laser Scanner, etc. 

In a wide range of scenarios: Indoor and Outdoor, flat and uneven, structured and unstructured, static and dynamic, land and sea. 

Combining top-notch research, open-source software, and state-of-the-art proprietary development to achieve this mission!