Welcome to the future! At Brisa, we developed Windrose, a revolutionary solution to boost productivity in the Supply Chain world. Our Windrose Kits are the first all-in-one tool to automate vehicles and boost existing processes productivity.
Install them directly on your vehicles, no physical infrastructure change needed. No new software needed, we adapt: WMS, ERP and MES interfaces are built-in.
All of it with unmatched deployment speed, unmatched ease of use even on complex tasks.

From it, choose the modules you need: Localization, Navigation, Analytics and more!
The interface is intuitive and easy to use. It is the all-in-one solution to make vehicles autonomous, control tasks and missions
from your WMS and get real time analytics from your vehicles.



Get real time notifications for irregularities in productivity or vehicle states. Choose your preferred channel: sms, email, slack...


Web Tools

Connect anywhere to our Web application: Tablet, PC or mobile. You will be guided through the installation process.


Task Management

Configure tasks and missions in an intuitive way. Automate this process by interfacing it to your ERP, WMS or MES.



Schedule automated reports and generate them in a click. Find performance outliers and how close are forecasts to actual results.


Vehicle State monitoring

Monitor vehicles and fleets states. Get positions, paths taken and/or real time analytics depending on Windrose modules installed.


Simple deployments

Install our Windrose kits in hours and get constant updates. It can be done by non-experts on different vehicles.

Setup Fleets with our no code interface

Making a vehicle autonomous has never been so easy with our cross platform interface.


Configure an interface to your WMS

Interface with your WMS available in minutes!


Get insights from analytics

Metrics related to productivity are constantly gathered. Get real time data and alerts!


Supports dynamic work environments

Windrose performs in fields such as industry and logistics, in warehouses, mines and ports. Automate your vehicles (forklifts, palletizers, tugs...) with different set of sensors suited for your application.


Make ROI estimations in clicks

Simulate ROI and savings for each project with predefined parameters: inventory validity, vehicle utilization and installation speed... They will define the backbone of your predictions.


Windrose API and SDK

Windrose is modular on each layer. Interaction can be done through the UI or programmatically. Deploy batches of vehicles faster than ever and customize your processes via our API and SDK.


Standardize supply chain processes

Maximize compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability, and quality for your customers. Reduce supply chain management costs and increase every-day operations efficiency.


Define your own metrics

We can improve what we can measure. Windrose can measure anything from high level metrics (vehicle idle time, charging) to low level datas (sensors measurements). Create your own metrics and dashboard with ease.

Robust Localization

Windrose’s localization is ready to be used with different combinations of sensors through different kits. This makes it the first and unique solution adapting to your customers' hardware.

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